Rastas move to clear air on deportation policy

April 19, 2017
Priest Prince

The Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress (E.A.B.I.C.) Church of Salvation is distancing itself from comments made by one of its priests in February.

Priest Prince, a member of the E.A.B.I.C. Church had said that Donald Trump’s deportation doctrine appears to be “the repatriation process stepping up”.

“My word to the Prime Minister, mi woulda love him get to Donald Trump and mek him know is a good work Donald Trump doing by stepping up the repatriation programme. Him must work with Donald Trump to help get the people from Jamaica to Africa through the repatriation process,” Priest Prince said.

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IN PHOTO: Priest Christopher Morant leads members of the Ethiopian Africa Black International Congress to The Gleaner's North Street offices in Kingston in February.

However, two month later, of the E.A. B. I. C, Church has written to The STAR to clarify its position on the matter.

"We acknowledged that words were spoken out of turn," the letter, which came from the Office of The Parliament of the E.A. B. I. C, Church said.

Claiming to speak on behalf of "all royal black Ethiopian sons and daughters in exile", the letter said that deportation and repatriation are two different and separate affairs. 

"Deportation is part of a criminal process without reparations for our people. Laws concerning deportation for any country, is the affairs of that country. Repatriation is to repair and return us, the people, back to our continent of ethnic origin," the letter said.

The rastas said that their only quest is for freedom, redemption and international repatriation with reparations.