A Cole Worl': Whe dancehall a go?

November 22, 2017
Ninja Man

Where is dancehall music heading? With the recent conviction of dancehall entertainer Desmond Ballentine aka Ninja Man in the Supreme Court on Monday, it begs the question.

Because if we have top artistes in our prison system and others seemingly on the way, might as well we keep Sting and other stage shows a GP. A lie mi tell?

Some of the best tunes from dancehall artistes come from behind bars, and is people from the bar send them there.

People live what they learn and nobody hears this more than our children, dem hear it at home, school and play.

And if you have an elder dancehall statesman or should I say 'stageman' like Ninja Man going to prison at his age, it a sen a message to the youngsters coming up in the business.

Look pon Alkaline wha day, him miss prison by the skin a him teeth enuh, and he's a young man so full of talent and potential.

Dem have a saying enuh, that 'art imitates life' but, in the dancehall community it's like a 'life a imitate art', cause it seem like most hardcore dancehall artistes now a days a buss gun, both literally and metaphorically.

The music need fe clean up, cause the last stage show I went to the artiste jus hold the microphone and said, "People dead, dead. That's what I said!"

All that time mi a fret, wondering what mi get miself into.