A Cole Worl': What is six per cent increase really?

December 29, 2017

Here I was thinking that we Jamaicans would leave all our baggage and crosses in 2017 and start the new year next week new.

But, a number of rank and file police personnel across the island have been calling in sick in what has been an obvious protest against the latest wage offer by the Government.

So ask yourself this, what really is six per cent?

I honestly believe we would've settled these issues by now and look to a new year with new possibilities.

We have the teachers a line up next year to protest, we have warders around the corner as well, and the nurses soon start get sick as well; this doesn't paint a good picture for governance.

But, again I ask you what really is six per cent? Six per cent of nothing equals nothing enuh, I wasn't particularly fond of mathematics when going to school but I was paying attention when this multiplication was taught.

I say again, this should've been sorted out long ago cause this anuh whole heapa money.

Whole heapa money is what was paid for the debushing project, this year. Whole heapa money is what was paid for by-elections.

The police federation is asking for 10 per cent over two years and really and truly, 10 per cent nuh far off from six per cent either.

When six per cent increase can buy a patty and a juice, 10 per cent increase only a cover an addition of a coco bread.

So we really need to know what really all this sick out is for, patty and juice or a patty/coco bread combo.