A Cole Worl': Who's to blame for Sandz mess?

January 03, 2018
A Cole Worl'

The hot button issue on Sandz doesn't seem to be cooling down anytime soon.

Like many others, I truly believe it was a disastrous Monday evening for Jamaicans and foreigners alike who were looking to utilise the services of the Norman Manley International Airport, but were prevented from doing so because of shenanigans.

Yes, because of poor planning and preparation. And the worse part as mi seh, everybaddy a point dem fingers elsewhere.

Just as Sandz through the hour glass so were the 'Days of Our Lives', Monday evening. Total chaos!

Sandz was one of those beach events that everybody was involved in, everybody was at the beach, but nobody got in the water.

Nuhbaddy nuh want to be the sacrificial lamb now, because foolishness tek place. What hurt me the most though enuh, wasn't the fact many people coulda lose dem work, and commitments that were made were broken, but that people who shoulda know something, all of a sudden don't know anything, and passing the buck and responsibilities off to someone else.

Too many stakeholders were involved for this event to have left such a disappointing taste in the mouth of Jamaicans.

Plus now that the talk of compensation is being hurled about, everyone seems to be easing themselves away.

For instance, how is a minister getting disappointed with a report regarding the activities which resulted in the traffic pileup on the Palisadoes Road, but he himself can never ever answer any questions not even those of his portfolio? Foolishness!