A Cole' Worl: Portland Forever

February 19, 2018
Daryl Vaz (left) with his wife Ann Marie

Look here, 'Wakanda Fever' has swept over North America and slowly crossed the waters into the Caribbean.

The impact of the 'Black Panther' movie is of such that people are showing belief in their own self and people, again.

The movie represented well for black people and those who identified with it as a reflection of who they are and can be.

Now with the Ann-Marie Vaz, wife of Daryl 'Mr Portland' Vaz poised to take up the mantle of becoming 'Mrs Portland', I have to wonder if Portland Forever is a contagious fever being spread about.

With her having what many believe is an overwhelming chance of being the standard bearer of the Portland Eastern constituency, I see no contempt nor have I any issues with her ambitions, even though I don't like nepotism nor family businesses in politics.

Truth be told I am the least thrilled about this idea, this wife and husband and pickney business inna parliament. At some point there will be questions to answer as to whether it will be family first or country first.

But, based on what I have read she is one of the best persons to represent the people and have them believe in themselves again.

As someone who lives and breathes Portland, I believe that she would definitely represent well for the people and those who identify with the parish.

I do hope if and when all is said and done, our sovereignty and democracy are intact.