Whitehall Avenue waiting on Buju

December 07, 2018
Errol Crosby/Photographer Veteran artiste Pinchers (left) and producer Diniero were in a jubilant mood as they await Buju's return.

As news broke that Buju Banton would arrive in Jamaica this evening, persons along Whitehall Avenue were in an expectant mood earlier today, awaiting the arrival of their superstar.

Those who spoke with THE STAR could not hide their jubilation that the Destiny singer would be free.

“Buju a good artiste, Buju fi come a him yard long time and wi glad say him a come home. Mi woulda gaa airport but mi nuh have nuh drive mek mi nuh guh out deh,” said Karel Richards, a nail technician who took a break from filing down a customer's nails to speak to our news team.

And as she spoke about the man who she says is an inspiration to many from the area, her face glowed with excitement.

“Dem goodly have a welcome home party, although Buju is not fussy man,” she said with a wide smile.

“Mi love mi money, mi love mi bike, mi car and thing but most of all mi love mi browning, that a my favourite song,” she began to sing, as the thought of the deejay returning to the community hit home.

“And (mi love) di one weh say "wretch yu, yuh neva send nutten come a yard". A bare reality dem man dem sing,” Karel continued.

Soon, recording artiste Pinchers came on to the scene and he was also excited about the imminent return of 'the Gargamel'.
“Freedom is a great thing because wi born free. Suh for Buju Banton to be free that is good. Wi know that when he comes, it would be a great encouragement fi all a di yute dem,” Pinchers said.

Meanwhile, another community member, Garison, could hardly express his happiness that one of the most famous personalities will be returning to the area once again.

“Buju is like a role model and our superstar from the area. Him inspire a wul heap a artiste from the area,” said Garison, who said he grew up watching Buju rise from being an aspiring artiste to reaching the pinnacle of Jamaican music.

Keith Wright, who performs under the stage name ‘Algebra’, said Buju was one of his main inspirations. He believes that Buju would reach a warm welcome when he touches Jamaican soil.

“A our area deejay. A dem man deh open di door and a say yes things can happen,” he said.