Four arrested in firearms seizures

February 01, 2019

Four men have been arrested including a 17-year-old, following the seizure of four firearms and 30 rounds of ammunition in separate incidents across four different parishes in the last 24 hours.

In the first incident, two men were taken into custody following the seizure of a 9 mm pistol with a magazine containing thirteen 9 mm rounds during an operation in Pitfour, St James about 8 a.m., on Thursday. Reports are that the cellar of premises occupied by both men was searched and the weapon and ammunition were found.

In the second incident on the same day, the 17-year-old reportedly had a dispute with his father about 8:45 a.m., in Inverness district, Clarendon and pulled a firearm and fired it at his father.

The police were called and during a search of the teen’s room, three 9 mm rounds were found.

The teen was later accosted and searched in the community and a black, home-made firearm with one round of ammunition was taken from him.

He was later charged with shooting with intent and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

Some hours later, about 4:50 p.m., the Savanna-la-Mar Police conducted a snap raid on a premises on Seaton Crescent in Westmoreland where a CZ 99 pistol with a magazine containing thirteen 9 mm rounds was seized.

A man who was occupying the premises at the time was taken into custody.

The Hunts Bay Police conducted an operation at Pear Lane, Kingston 11 about 12:45 a.m., on Friday, February 1, where they conducted a search of a premises which yielded a Hi-point .45 pistol. No arrest was made in connection with this seizure.

The identities of the men arrested are being withheld pending further investigations.