A COLE WORL': We love tek on every problem

October 06, 2017

Doreen or Da, aka #CutlassMumma as she is being called, beat har child from last year and all of and sudden everybody tek on di role of counsellor and psychiatrist.

Everybody a talk bout she need help, she need this, she need that. Of course she does. But did she have conversations with her councillor, MP, pastor, church members or PTA? 

I saw that she has been getting both moral and financial support in recent days, but are those gifts given with the purest of intentions?

And even the Child Development Agency and Office of the Children's Registry who effect 'emergency counselling' when the video came to light? Puh-lease.

Emergency counselling after one year? That child goodly had moved on and even the dog could have had a little one of her own named 'Ruff Cut Junior'.

In closing, one thing I like about what these videos do to us at times, is to expose the lies, the hypocrisy and ignorance that is so widespread in this country.

And let me say categorically, I in no way shape or form, support what Da did or how she did it, irrespective of how she used to get it.

What I witnessed was pure wickedness.


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