Our nation is cured, not blessed!

January 12, 2018
This young lady had to be consoled by her mother after she saw lifeless body of her 14-year-old brother on Eve Lane Kingston. He he among the 1,617 persons murdered last year.
A people who are blessed are not killing each other at a rate of 1,600 a year.

"Endowed with divine favour and protection." That is one of the meanings of 'blessed', a word Jamaicans have taken to using ad nauseum these days, and it annoys the hell out of me.

Every time something happens where some people are either benefitting from a situation or spared the wrath of some misfortune, people are quick to say that they are blessed.

I saw some people post on social media this week that we were not hit by a tsunami that was expected because of a 7.6 level earthquake off the coast of Honduras, therefore, we were blessed.


Look around you. I don't see people who are blessed. I see a nation that is cursed.

Was that innocent aged-couple in St. Thomas, found gagged and with their heads bashed, blessed? They lived good lives and made it to 81 and 70 years before someone, or some persons, felt they had lived long enough.

People who are blessed don't go killing innocent retired folk. People who are blessed don't go killing young, adventurous visitors to the island, nor do they scam old people out of their pensions just so they can build mansions inside ghettos and drive around in expensive cars.

A people who are blessed are not killing each other at a rate of 1,600 a year. A people who are blessed don't molest children by the thousands each year. A people who are blessed don't turn out the mentality ill, leaving them to fend for themselves on the nation's streets.

I do believe that we are a special people when we decide to be.

When you look at people like Dr Henry Lowe, the late Ian Boyne, Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Chris Gayle and others, it can be successfully argued that we have been endowed with enormous talent, but unfortunately, it seems that these people are in the minority.

More and more each day, I am seeing the worst of us instead of the best of us. People killing people five-a-day just because they have a gun in hand; people stealing ATM machines; people perpetrating racist and classist tendencies; people stealing from the government coffers; and the list goes on.

So no, we are not blessed. We are not endowed with divine protection and favour. We are a people doomed to destruction, because we keep living in a damn fantasy thinking we are blessed when in reality, we are about to barrel over a cliff into eternal damnation.

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