A COLE WORL': A blocking set of people

February 13, 2018
Prime Minister Andrew Holness (right) raps with Bryan Sykes, acting chief justice of Jamaica.

I don't care who want to get vex but this move by the 'judges staying off the bench' is nothing but an hypocritical and selfish move. Whilst I understand the plight and the predicament that Justice Sykes faces, I just cannot wrap my head around the idea of the most learned among us resorting to locking shops to hear their grouses. They should leave that to market people and those who push handcarts for a living.

What next will it take to change one's mind, placards and blocked roads? This move is further testament of us as a 'blocking set of people'. Everything we block roads for and a lot of the times the ends result does not justify the means, and yes, I don't believe this matter warranted a bench abstinence.

What matter do I speak of? The matter of the island’s court system being shut down over a 'petty session' the prime minister had. Just because he used words like 'acting', 'accountable' and justice all in the same sentence - everybody a mek dem head hot dem. To be honest, I saw nothing wrong wid what the prime minister said. Not one earthly thing wrong! 

If this kind of protest a go be a new thing, mek sure seh when policeman get shot and teachers a drop down pon de work, we have these kinds of abstinence same way.

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