Cruise ship prekeh

March 29, 2018

Soh right dis minute mi deh pon di Love and Harmony Cruise a work an a enjoy mi self an still a get di mix-up dem.

Dis lady an dis man mek a link online. Dem buil a vibes an gwaan an gwaan till dem get een good an staat ketch feelings fi one anneda.

Eventually, time come fi dem meet. Dem decide say dem first meeting gwine tek place pon di same Love and Harmony Cruise ya. Dem line up dem good-good thousands a dollars an book a nice cabin fi di two a dem.

Anyways, di lady goh miss har flight into Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is where di cruise lef fram.

But because she did already know say di cruise did a goh mek its first stop at Montego Bay Monday weh jus gaan, she quick-quick spen more money an seal up a flight fi ketch di cruise a Jamaica.

But when she finally get pon di ship an excitedly goh meet di man, di man tek one look pon har an walk weh lef har!

Now she an di man inna di same cabin, a sleep inna di same bed, an him not saying a word to har. Separate fram sleeping, weneva she inna di room him leave right away. Now she a walk roun pon di ship sad an depressed. Poor ting.

Di talk is dat she look very different inna real life dan how she look online. But big an serious tho, him move wrang too fi mek dem arrangements deh wid a woman weh yuh ongle see har pics online.

Although she did tink she had a great connection wid him, she an him mek a big mistake fi arrange dem first meeting to be on a cruise.

Dat nuh mek sense. Look pon di whole heap a money weh she en up goh spen too. Sticky pon har like bubble gum an dirt unda shoes battam.

Den a nex mix-up now. A man carry a woman pon di cruise ya, an since Saturday, all now she nuh sleep inna di room wid him.

She goh di shows dem wid him, she eat meals wid him, she goh offshore wid him a Jamaica an Cayman, but she nah sleep inna dem room.

Every night she tell him seh she over by her girlfriend's cabin. But of course not a damn ting nuh goh soh. Sunday night, an Monday night a two different selecta cabin she sleep inna, an she did dash out pon dem!

A soh inna everyting yuh have hustling, conning, an drama, an fram wa mi a see, di cruise ship settings is no exception. A bay tings gwaan pon cruises.

Awright, a it dat again. See unu nex Thursday same place ya so. Sen mi unu drama dem at Bless up unu self.

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