Dog hair exposes bunnaman


June 14, 2018

Yoggo yoggo yow yow! Wah gwaan, TamFam? Proppa greetings as usual to mi Ragashanti Live listeners and all a mi Tamfammers.

Straight to di drama ya now:

A woman up ya inna Orange Man country did a badda-badda har husband fi one a dem cute likkle boasy dawg deh. Di husband always a resist because di way how di two a dem busy, dem might nah go able fi give di dawg di roun-di-clock care weh it need. But di wife still presha di ting, and eventually, di husband give in, and dem get di dawg.

Di dawg was one a dem shitzu sinting deh weh mix wid sittin else. One ting tho, di dawg shed hair nuff. Anyweh di dawg go siddung or lie dung, she lef har hair deh. Di husband neva like dat, but him gwaan work wid it cause him know how much him wife love di dawg.

Now when di husband did jus start date him wife, she did show him har ex-man. So di husband know who him is, even tho dem neva talk yet. Eventually, di ex-man start work a one Planet Fitness gym near di husband workplace. Di husband nuh go da gym deh, so him neva haffi see di ex pon di regula.


One day, di husband and some a him co-worker dem touch di road fi lunch. On dem way back, one a di co-worker beg dem fi stop a di Planet Fitness gym fi tek advantage a one membership upgrade special weh did a done da day deh. Dem go di gym, and when di co-worker de deh a talk to di gym representative, di husband and di other co-worker did jukki-jam and a wait. While dem a wait, di husband happen fi look pon a seat and notice some hair weh look familiar to him. Fi some reason, him did convinced say di hair pon di seat was exactly like di hair from him wife dawg. Him say right away him pree say a cyaan coincidence say him wife ex work a di gym, and what looks like di specific hair from har dawg deh pon di seat. Unda sykes, him then tell di gym employee say earlier him did a talk to a man who did a siddung pon di seat about an issue wid di gym, but dat him figat him name. Di employee respond say, "oh, that's my manager..." an call di manager name. It was di husband wife ex-man name.

Nuttin couldn't tell di husband say supm nah gwaan between him wife and har ex. Di husband pree say whateva a gwaan muss a gwaan at him and him wife house inna di days when him gone a work. So him start investigate and trail him wife when she lef har work fi lunch a day time. Eventually, him find out say him wife indeed a bun him wid har ex, but is not at dem house. More while, di wife will leave har job during the days and link up wid di ex, but di ex always go inna fi har bigga car, and dem do dem ting pon di back seat. Because a regula di wife carry har dawg inna har car, di dawg end up lef hair in deh, and a so when di bunnaman go in deh, him clothes pick up di dawg hair, which in turn resulted in him a leave di same hair pon him seat a him work.

Di husband is also a professional photographer, and him did tek a bag a pics a him wife and har ex a link. Him have crazy evidence. Him all ask him wife questions about har whereabouts at certain times and record har a tell lies. Him say him a go divorce har, but him a mek sure she nuh have nuttin fi get when it finalise. But di problem is dat the laws inna di state weh dem live nuh business bout marital bunning when dem a decide property splitting in divorces. Him say him a go find a way fi mess har up though. Him also say him neva bun har yet.

She presha him fi get di dawg, and a di dawg hair beat har.

Awright, a it dat. Legomentz again. Send mi unuh drama dem at See unuh next Thursday same place ya so. Straight blessings.


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