Poor customer service is getting worse


August 03, 2018

The issue of poor customer service has been a long-standing one here in Jamaica.

It wasn't always that way, but these days it is about as common as hot days in the summer.

I have had so many bad experiences in the past couple of weeks alone.

But while I used to blame the employees, I have come to see that there are not really the ones to blame.

Yes, some employees are scum of the earth. They grew up in bad circumstances and they make you know it the moment you come into contact with them, but with that being said, it is the employers who need to take the brunt of the blame.

I am well aware that many companies operate on a tight budget. Everything is expensive, so cost cutting or cost saving is essential to keep a business alive and healthy.

In Jamaica, the 'healthy' part is harder than ever to accomplish. However, I also find that companies, well, some companies, seem reluctant to invest in training and


You can't just take someone from off the street and shove them behind a cash register and hope that they will do a good job representing your business. It makes no sense.


Investing in customer service training and developing a policy by which employees interact with clientele are essentials that I find too many Jamaican businesses often forego, especially in cases when the business itself imposes rules that infuriates customers.

Case in point, this week I went to a fast-food establishment. I was starving and had to get something to eat.

Anyway, I asked for a particular 'combo' but wanted to substitute the soda for a bottle of water.

I was told that that was not possible. The manner in which I was told had me thinking that I needed to take my business elsewhere, but hunger and the fact that I was waiting for some work to be done on my car, forced me to accept what was being forced on me and bought a bottle of water and told them to keep the soda.

Now, when an employee is forced to deal with a disgruntled customer, and that employee is not trained to effectively deal with that situation, it makes the customer angry and not wanting to patronise that business anymore, like I have now vowed to do.

Why? Because the employee was rude and didn't seem to care about anything except collecting my money. They won't be getting any more from me.

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