Ginalship at its best

October 04, 2018

So peeps, recently mi inna a situation weh some people a talk an mi did able fi kack mi ears likkle bit an ketch some a di drama. Di people dem who did a talk inna di US, but di whole a dem originally come fram Nigeria.

Anyways, one a dem say him a guh crazy a try get a divorce fram him wife but dat she won't agree to it. Di rest a dem staat laugh offa him an a say dem nuh undastand wah him a talk bout because divorce a one a di easiest ting fi get inna di US. However, di man still insist say dem nuh know wa dem a talk bout cause di woman was determine say him naa goh get it.

At dat point, one a di oda one dem tell him say him first mistake was dat him a depend pon him wife fi get di divorce an ask him if him know bout di "out-of-state technique." Di man say no. One nex one jump een an tell him say him need fi draw fi di out-of-state technique cause a dat him did do fi get him divorce fram him wife. Den him explain wah him do.

Basically, him move outa di house weh him an him wife reside an go live inna anneda state. If di wife cyaan manij di mortgage by herself she will eventually move out, or she might leggo di house or apartment fi oda reasons. Di man den say while living inna di oda state him den file fi divorce fram him wife.... immediately triggering repeated mails for divorce being sent to di last known address.




Because di wife is no longer at di address, the mail is repeatedly sent there for months upon months. After some time of repeatedly sending the divorce application mail to di address without an ansa, there is some provision in the courts that allow the applicant to secure di divorce without the wife knowing.

Afta him get di divorce, him say him jus move back to New York.

Afta di man explain how him get him divorce, several a di oda people dem remarked dat di technique deh bout long time an dat nuff people use it ova di years. Afta dat, di man weh couldn't get di divorce fram him wife say him definitely a goh try di out-of-state divorce technique fi legally leggo fram fi him wife.

Peeps, in general, I am very wary of negative beliefs and stereotypes about African peoples, but mek I tell unu supm, a nuh now dem Nigerians (and people from other African countries) deh know how fi beat di sytem. A dem say hustle!

Awright, leggomentz again. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Protection an blessings always.


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