Domestic violence must end

October 08, 2018

Domestic violence affects all facets and functions of life as breadwinners, mothers, daughters, and sons are selfishly taken away from their families.

Killing a spouse is not the answer, and to then commit suicide suggests that the individual is a coward.

It is time for our men to be resocialised to know that they do not own women.

A woman can decide to leave a relationship and should not fear for her life. Women need to understand that looks and body are not all.

Some believe that because dem look hot and sexy dem fi 'tax and tear' di man dem. It is important that women try as best they can not to be dependent and rely solely on what the man is providing.

Further, do not use men for their things and then try to discard them and think all will be well. Nobody has the right to take a life, because dem cyaa blow breath; however, men and women are guilty of creating or staying in contentious relationships.

If the relationship has reached a point where both parties are unhappy, it is best to walk away amicably before one ends up in prison and the other six foot six!

Instead, if having a draconian approach to relationships, people need to become more emotionally intelligent.

How can a man murder the mother of his children? How will the children manage or feel to know that their mother is dead and their father is the one who murdered her and then took his own life, or will spend the rest of his life in prison?

The child/children will suffer emotional trauma for the rest of their lives.




Learn to walk away before you snap. In many cases there are signs, so it is important to pay attention and know in which direction the relationship is going.

Love is about respect, trust and honour, but it is of significant importance that you love yourself.

If you don't love yourself, chances are you can't love others, because you cannot give what you don't have.

There must be a more civilised way to handle domestic disputes. Take time out to know yourself before running to get involved with someone.

That way, it may be easier to identify when you're in a toxic and unhealthy relationship. Yuh have one life to live, so please make it count.

Tek care a unnu self until such time ... love you, guys!!

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