Sisters caught in love triangle

December 06, 2018

A woman up ya a live nex to har sista. Dem live inna di same complex but dem manij fi get two different apartments nex to one anneda.

At first, sista number two did always a stay by di odda one who was the first fi live a di complex.

Wen di adjoining apartment open up next to her, sista two jus scoop it up an rent it.

Soh now di two a dem well close an do nuff tings togeda. Weneva eeda one a goh do laundry, she would jus get di laundry fram har sista apartment an dweet too.

One day sista number one a do di laundry an, as usual, goh get har sista dutty clothes. Wen she a pick up har sista clothes she notice a familiar scent.

It was di cologne scent fram fi har man.

She an har sista was so close, wid each knowing all a di oda one perfumes, dat dere was no reason fi har sista clothes have di scent a har man cologne.




Cut long story short, she investigate an did indeed find out say har sista a tek har man!

Wen everyting did buss out it was one helleva a cussing-out between di two a dem outside a dem apartments.

Dem all nearly fight. Is one a dem neighbour did haffi come out an part dem an mek di two a dem goh back a each a dem apartment.

Few days lata dem talk it ova, an reaffirm dem bond an dem pledge dat dem naa mek no man come between dem, an dat dem jus a goh always support each other an enjoy life.

In so doing, di two a dem goh to di man, an mek him know say everybody know bout di bunning

Unu ready fi dis? Dem propose to him say all three a dem fi gwaan sleep wid each oda same way!!!!

Dem say di man did shock an ask: "You mean you want me to openly sleep with both of you?" To which dem reply "Well, in truth it's not you sleeping with us, it's that we have decided to sleep with you."

Bossy jus run een pon di ting. Sometimes him do it wid dem individually, an odda times di three a dem shell out di ting.

A dem say enjoy life right out.

Anyways, a leggomentz again eno. See unu nex Thursday same place yah soh. Jus gwaan bless up unu self an stay safe. Protection.


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