She does not mind sharing her man

December 13, 2018

Soh dis bredda up yah live inna one big luxury complex. Some a di woman dem weh live deh consider him good-looking an possessing a great body. Real hot bwoy. Him have a girlfren weh nuh live inna di complex, but visit him often an stay ova regula.

Soh Missa Man now goh soh boom, an draw fi a woman inna di complex. Dem staat secretly fi a while. Den him goh soh boom again, an draw fi a anneda woman inna di complex. Him an she staat do di tings dem too. Soh him en up with three woman.

One day him woman a cut an goh tru a di complex, and she hear a bunch a woman a laugh inna certain way. She say is a special way woman laugh wen dem a laugh offa smaddy. She say right away she pree say dem a style har. She tun roun an look pon dem an notice say one outa di tree a dem a profile like di leader. She ignore dem an cut.

One nex time wen she deh a har man apartment one a di maintenance man knock pon di apartment door, and wen she ansa him tell har say she need fi run goh downstairs by di pool. She ask him why? An him tell har she jus need fi goh dung deh now! She still ask him why? An him say she jus need fi goh dung deh an hear wah two woman dung deh inna big argument bout now! Him tell har say she fi screechy wen she a goh dung deh.




She tek time goh dung deh an did indeed see two woman a argue. One a di woman was di same woman who did a laugh offa har wid har fren dem. Di two a dem did a trace ova man - fi har man! Yeah, di two woman who did a argue was di same two woman dem fram di complex weh har man deh wid.

Soh den Miss Lady walk out fram weh she did a quietly watch di drama an mek di two woman dem see har. Di one weh did laugh offa har did shock an staat stamma. Di oda one weh she jus a find out bout hol dung har head like she shame an tek time staat walk weh. Miss Lady say she jus staat laugh offa di two a dem an tun roun an goh back up a har man apartment.

Wen har man reach home she move to him bout di drama an cuss him dawg rotten! She class him up di moas way, drape him up an demand dat him stop sort out di two woman dem. Him did a try deny it at first until she say she a goh back to di woman dem an staat a big stink inna di complex. A deh soh him beg har nuh dweet an tek God offa di cross say him naa goh duggu-duggu dem again.

Wen she a gimmi di drama she say she naa lef har man. She say she a Cuban an dat man a gi bun a common ting mongst Cubans, an dat it will neva change. She say har man treat har great an dat she actually happy wid him, an dats why she naa mek some chicken heads mek she lef har good-good man.

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