Lesbian mix up

January 17, 2019

Soh dis married couple up ya did a have some problems, cause dem relationship did a get boring.

Di wife now staat look fi likkle excitement outside a di relationship. Eventually she en up get involved wid a woman.

Di husband find out and kick up an gallang bad, an say him want a divorce an move out.

Di wife tan eena dem house an did a gwaan do har ting wid di lesbian.

Di husband did staat see a different woman. One time him an him new woman did a hol a reasoning an she goh diss up him wife.

Di husband get mad pon har an tell har not to eva again do dat. Di husband get mad an run weh di woman.

Pretty soon mout bring back news to di wife bout how di husband defend har. She contact him an di two a dem hol a long reasoning.

Dat led to a reconnection. Dem medz how dem really love each other an how both a dem did a tek each other fi granted.

Den dem decide fi get back together an buil back dem ting.




Di wife now goh tell har lesbian lover say she waan done di fling an goh back to har husband. Di lesbian lover get bex an tell di wife say she inna denial.

Di wife cuss back say di lesbian ting was jus a fling at a time wen she did depressed and confused.

Di lesbian still neva waan leggo. It reach a point weh di wife did haffi call police pon di lesbian fi get har outa har house.

Judge all tell di lesbian say she can never goh back to di wife house. De lesbian leggo an di husband move back een wid him wife an dem a gwaan good.

One day now di lesbian fahwud a di couple yaad, but stay cross di street.

She back out a strap-on dildo, an de deh a wave it an a cuss a ask di wife if she memba weh she used to get, an if she miss it.

She reel out a crocus bag a tings weh she an di wife used to do an she diss up di husband bad, bad, bad.

Eventually police come an tell har fi move or else dem a goh lock har up fi harassment. A soh dem get har fi leave. She nuh badda dem since den. Aay sah.

Well, a it dat again, leggomentz. See unu nex week Thursday same place ya soh. Gwaan bless up unu self.


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