Joe gets hot, hot bun

January 24, 2019

Suh John an Joe a bredren. John deh wid Sandra an Joe deh wid Marsha.

One day John goh a one Starbucks fi hol a coffee an lo an behold … a Marsha dat him see wid a man weh him nuh know, siddung inna a cawna an a sen on some heavy-duty French kissing. Tongues a play sword-fight an bay sittin. Same time wen John see Marsha she see him too. Marsha frighten lakka wah, but nuh say nuttin to John an John nuh say nuttin to har. John lef wid him coffee.

John mussi den decide say him nuh waan get involve inna nuh drama soh him naa goh tell Joe say him see him woman a suck weh a man tongue a Starbucks.

Marsha now goh tell har fren Susan say John see har a Starbucks a buss big kiss pon har bunnaman. Susan a Marsha paary, har bes fren, an Marsha always tell har bout any man weh she have pon di side. Di two a dem talk an Susan tell har say she nuh fi panic, caa John may nuh tell Joe nuttin. Susan also tell har fi only react if Joe come to har bout it.


People …. yuh nuh know say a di same dutty, fly-bi-night, maskita do-do Susan den goh to Joe an pinch him tell him say Marsha a bun him an dat Marsha come tell har say John see har wid har bunnaman a Starbucks! Susan tell Joe say di ongle reason she a tell him a caa him is a great husband, an amazing father to him an Marsha 2 pickney dem, an dat him doan deserve wa Marsha a do to him. Susan den mek Joe swear say him would neva tell anybaddy say a she tell him.

Joe get bex bad say him bredren John see Marsha bunning movements an neva say nuttin to him bout it. Joe all mek a strange talk say him feel more betrayed by him bredren dan him woman. Him so bex bout it dat him staat pree revenge….not pon him wife, but pon him bredren John! An because him a pree revenge pon John him calculate say him cyaan mek him woman Marsha know say him know she a bun him an dat him know John did see dem.

Joe den goh to John woman, Sandra, an tell har say him see John a move mucky wid a catty, an dat she nuh fi say nuttin yet an she mus gi him time fi find out exactly waa gwaan. Big dutty lie!!! ... caa Joe neva see John a do nuttin! Soh fi a while him a carry all kinda liad news to Sandra, all mek she a bawl nuff pon him shoulder, well depressed an en up a depend a lot pon Joe fi support. All tru dis Sandra neva know say a bay lie Joe a tell har bout har man John.

Story come to bump now wen Joe neatly try fi screechy up pon Sandra fi get a sort-out. Him invite Sandra to dinna fi “update” har pon wa John a gwaan wid …. only fi him a invite Sandra upstairs to a room weh him did reserve. A deh soh Sandra say she fully realize say di restaurant weh dem did deh was on di ground floor of a hotel. Sandra get shocked an promptly tell Joe say she naa goh up a nuh room wid him, an dat she did a goh leave immediately, which she did.

A deh soh now Sandra decide say she haffi tell har man John weh Joe try pon har. Of course, wen John hear him shock, an a soh him tell Sandra wa him see Marsha a do Starbucks. But di two a dem did still confused as to how it lead to Joe a draw fi Sandra.

John den goh straight to Joe an ask him why him draw fi him woman? Di two a dem argue an Joe en up a say him nuh trus John no more because di two a dem a come fram far an it hurt him bad fi hear say him, John, see a ting like dat a Starbucks an neva tell him. John den argue back say dat a no excuse fi him goh draw fi him woman.

Wen Joe now see say di movements wid Sandra naa goh work out … him finally move to him woman Marsha bout wa she did do a Starbucks. Di two a dem war bout it an police get involve. However, Joe neva tell Marsha say a har fren Susan tell him … an Marsha neva did ask, caa she done assume say a John did tell Joe.

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