Daring balcony ride

March 21, 2019

Bragadap brap brap brap! Blessings to all deserved. Hope nuh crasses duppy nah falla unuh. Big up all who a falla Ragashanti pon di gram.

Right to di prekeh ya now:

Dis Jamaican woman up ya a Manhattan a tek a married African-American man. From di start, she know him married. Him neva hide it and all openly wear him married ring. But di man spend pon har proppa, and she say he is hilarious, full of fun, and is very respectful to har. So, she know weh she a get outta being di side woman wid him, and she happy wid it.

So, even though di man and him wife live a Connecticut, him have an apartment inna Manhattan near to where him work. A inna da apartment deh most a di lashings gwaan wid di side woman.

One day now, him have har inna di apartment, and dem a do dem ting. Only fi dem hear smaddy a beat dung di apartment door loud. Then a voice bawl out: “Stanley, open the door now! I know you’re in there having sex with that tall Jamaican girl!” (Mi a use ‘Stanley’ as a substitute fi him real name.)


A did him wife! Same time, di bunnawoman fling him offa har and grab up har clothes. And because a di way how she frighten and can’t run to di door, she run go out pon di balcony, naked as di day she born. Then, just as she bout fi start put on har clothes, a di man dat run out pon di balcony naked, too. Before she coulda even say nutten to him, di man jus tun har round, bend har ova and start send on pon har again, same place deh so pon di balcony!

She say she couldn’t believe wah him do. She say she did confuse and inna shock. She say di man just a put it on pon har and a ask har if she mad fi waah come stop him from finish getting di sweetness weh she have. She say all she coulda do was turn weh har face to di wall in case people inna di surrounding buildings a see dem. This was while di wife inna di hall a beat dung di door same way.

After bossy pop off and finish, di two a dem go back inside. She now a start put on back har clothes, but only fi hear bossy ask har: “Aren’t you going to shower?” She ask him if him would really want har fi shower now wid him wife out deh a beat dung di door. Di man say she nuh fi worry bout dat and dat she mus go shower cause she can’t go outta road so nasty. Still in disbelief wid everything, she run go tek a quick shower and then put on har clothes fi leave.

When she ready, she jus hear bossy bawl out to him wife say him a bring out di woman now and dat she, di wife, must “move over to the right from the door” so di bunnawoman can “peacefully leave to the left to the elevators”.

So, Miss Lady go through di door and a move to di elevators, but she did a prips backa har fi mek sure di wife nah rush har. Only fi hear di wife bawl out: “Stop looking at me, you whoring Jamaican b...h!”

Now, di bunnawoman is really a feisty woman weh nuh tek too chat from nobody. But she have dis principle dat if she a tek a woman husband, she fi show di wife X amount a respect. So causa dat, she nuh ansa har.

Then di wife bawl out to har husband and a ask him: “How could you do dis to me?” Di husband respond: “The same way you did it with Lorenzo,” and wheel go back inna di apartment. Di wife then say: “I thought we had got past that,” and go eena di apartment, closing the door behind har.

Same time Miss Lady elevator forward, and she jump inna it and cut.

All a dis happen nearly two weeks now, and di bunnawoman and bossy sort out eight more times already!

Anyways, a leggomentz again. See unuh next week Thursday same place ya so.




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