Married woman prays before giving ‘bun’

April 18, 2019

Yoggo Yoggo Yow Yow! Wah gwaan TamFam? Unuh good? Unuh bathroom clean? Unuh foot back smooth? Mouth smell good? Armpit nah kick? Just checking…

All right, on to di prekeh:

Da one ya a from Jamaica. A bredda pree a mix-up weh mi did buss and send mi da one ya say him have a similar experience.

So, di man is a propa gyallis. But one a di woman dem weh him a shell out have some mannerisms weh a badda him. Every time before dem sort-out, she haffi pray. Yeah, a dat mi say – pray! Him say di woman always kneel right side a di bed and insist say him fi kneel beside har. And then she always rest her right hand pon him head, and she reel out one helleva long prayers.

But get dis. All a her praying is fi God help di man fi change him ways and stop be a gyallis wid a bag a woman. Yeah, her long praying is always asking God fi mek him lef out di other woman dem and mek him just pree she alone.

But hear ya now. Yuh nuh know say dis damn woman is a married woman and that di man weh she always a dash out pon is har husband good friend. Plus, any time dat dem decide fi saaka-saaka, she insist say it muss always be at fi har yaad pon di same bed weh she sleep wid har husband a night time. She claim seh she would neva dash out wid him at a hotel because she is not a cayliss woman.

Dis woman been a tek har husband fren inna di same bed weh she and har husband sleep and have di heart fi always pray before she have sex with di bunnaman fi him find God and change him ways and stop sleep wid other women ... all while she still stay married to her husband!

Unuh nuh see say a muss a mad woman dat?! She wicked! She tek selfishness pon another level, and obviously, she tek God fi poppyshow.


Then now, more while when she a reel out inna har long, self-righteous ‘save-the-sideman-penis’ prayer dem, it kill di bunnaman vibes and him nuh waan do nutten again. But whenever dat happen, she threaten di man say if him nuh dweet wid har, she a go tell har husband weh dem been a do. A so him always end up still a dweet wid har even when him neva waan go deh. But mi tell him say a eediat cyaad dat she a draw cause even though she a run off har mouth, mi nuh think she woulda eva voluntarily tell har husband say a regular she do tings wid him fren.

Hear mi. When people send mi dem mix-up, mi generally nuh judge dem or tell dem wah fi do. But if mi was di bunnaman, me coulda neva feel certain way fi her again. Nooo sah! A mad woman dat. She a di type a woman who will tell a big dutty lie pon yuh and truly believe a God tell har fi dweet.

Anyways peeps, a leggomentz again, enuh. See unuh next Thursday same place ya so. And remember, evil outta road, so be careful. Nuh tek nuh cayliss check, and always protect unuh headback.


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