Witch buries woman’s name on strange eggs

April 25, 2019

Dis couple live togeda inna New York city. Di man a Jamaican an di woman a Haitian. One day di man see di woman bring een six eggs inna dem house; three white and three brown. She put di six egg dem pon top a one small table weh dem have inna di bedroom.

Wen di man see dem him ask har why she bring di egg dem inna di bedroom an not di kitchen. She said dat dem was “not eating type eggs” an dat she a do some original craft work that will involve her using dem. Di man hear weh she say an lowe di issue.

A few days layta, him see di six egg dem inna di freezer an ask har why she put egg inna freezer. She tell him say she neva quite finish wah she did a do wid dem, an dat if dem stay out too long dem a goh staat smell an dats why she put dem inna di fridge fi slow down di decaying process.

Di man den ask har fi show him di craft ting weh she did a mek wid di eggs. She replied dat a inna di last part a di whole process she a goh actually mek di ting. Di man lowe har again.

One day now, him goh eena di freezer an neva see di egg dem. Him den decide fi goh pree if him wife a use dem fi mek di ‘arts n craft’ sittin. Him did still inna di house wen him look tru di window an see har siddung inna dem backyaad pon dem lawn chair. Jus as him see har him notice she a put on har glasses an a look pon one a di egg dem.


Him say she generally doan wear glasses an ongle put dem on wen she need fi read fine print. Soh him find it strange wen she put on har glasses an a look pon each a di six egg dem. Hi watch har an watch har til she get up an a come towards the house. Him very quickly goh hide inna one really small area weh dem keep dem washing machine an dryer. Him hide in deh till him hear har walk straight up di passage. Den him screechy out an run goh ova goh look pon di egg dem. At first him neva see nuttin strange bout dem … but den him decide fi look closer an a soh him see di first an last name of a woman, with the first name being Lucilda.

But di name did write inna di color red. Him quick-quick pree di oda five egg dem an notice dem all have di same first and last female name, ongle ting was dat each egg have di name written inna a different color. Him puddung di egg dem an screechy back inna di house an goh ova di lef side weh him say him know him woman neva ova deh soh.

Afta likkle bit, him woman goh back outside. But dis time she did have on har gardening gloves. Him peep tru di window again an watch har, a soh him see she pick up di six egg dem an goh ova di side a har garden weh she plant some tomato. Him watch har keenly an notice how she nervously keep on a stare pon dem backdoor….mussi fi see if him did a come out deh. Den him see har bury di egg dem inna har garden. Afta she done she stap look nervously pon dem backdoor, an staat gwaan like she a garden likkle bit, den likkle afta she come een a di house.

Bossy say him doan know di name weh she write pon di egg dem, an dat him neva yet hear har mention dat name. Him also say him nuh have any idea wa she really do wid di egg dem weh cause har fi write di woman name pon dem inna six different colors, put dem inna freezer, den bury dem.

But even tho him nuh know, him say it unusual enough fi mek him feel like him really nuh know har. Him say right now him kinda wary a har cause him nuh know wah an wa she involve inna.

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