Dawg business

June 06, 2019

Soh dis woman an har family have three a dem boasy golden retriever dawg deh.

Dem do dawg breeding as a business. Dem have three female dawg and at specific times, dem pay other retriever male dawg owners fi breed dem.

Den wen dem dawg have puppies dem sell dem.

Soh now, one a dem neighbour tell dem say she want a one dawg fi har little kids dem, soh she waan buy a puppy fram one a dem litter. Soh dem sell har one.

Ova a two-year period di neighbour en up buy four puppies – all female – because she say har kids keep on a ask fi more.

Afta a few years, di neighbour four female golden retrievers get big – an di owna explain say she a goh ‘fix’ dem caa she nuh waan dem goh mate wid oda dawg inna di neighbourhood an goh breed.

Anyways, it was drama pon di ends wen outa di blue one a di neighbour four retriever dawg dem shub out eight puppies!

Ms Lady wid di long time three retrievers den goh ask har neighbour how is it that one a di four en up have puppies wen she say she did a goh fix all a dem?


A deh soh di neighbour explain say she neva badda fix dem. Di neighbour explain say a har husband decide fi carry di oldest dawg to a breeder an mek she get pregnant.

Den Ms Lady ask har if she a goh do di same wid har oda three dawg dem. Di neighbour ansa say fram wa har husband say, it look like him a do dat.

Ms Lady den also ask wa dem a goh do wid so many puppies. Di neighbour say she tink har husband a plan fi sell dem.

Soh jus like dat, di neighbour en up a run di same exact business as Ms Lady. An a Ms Lady puppy dem she use fi staat di very same business weh Ms Lady a do. Dutty badmind!

Dat nasty neighbour see di woman a mek crazy money fram har dawg breeding bizniz an tek time use di woman an worm har way into di same bizniz.

Lesson: careful a some people who a watch yuh successes den tek time a screechy wid dem ginalship fi undermine yuh. Ole crasses dem.

Anyways … movements again. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. In di meantime, jus gwaan watch unu headback an nuh tek nuh cayliss check. Straight blessings.


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