WATCH DI ROAD - Let’s make travelling safe for everyone

September 16, 2019
Coaster buses impede traffic along Constant Spring Road, St Andrew.

School open back fully, and tings seem to have got off to a bright start. Mi want fi big up the members of the Jam aica Constabulary Force who have been dispatched on the streets of Kingston to regulate traffic. Though the traffic is still heavy, it moves more orderly and quickly.

Just their presence at intersections, and on the roads in general, nuff out-of-order taxi man an bus driver haffi hol dem position! The third and fourth lane that they would normally make and the reckless and careless overtaking and undertaking that they would normally do, because of the police presence, dem ting deh curtailed drastically.

It sad fi know seh the right and lawful things can only be done when we have someone in authority watching us and holding a big stick over our heads. It is impossible for the police to be everywhere, so it is important that we do the right thing even when no one is watching. That is called integrity, and much of that is lacking in our society today. The passengers in some of these ‘shotta driver’ taxi should also take responsibility for their lives.

Yes, yuh want reach work! Yes, yuh want reach home! But if yuh sit in the vehicle and allow the taxi or bus man fi fling the vehicle all over pon the road, then you may end up dead before yuh even reach!

Bias and prejudice

As a country, we can do much better than we are doing if we are willing to address the issues head on without fear, without bias, and without prejudice. The country needs people and policies that are consistent and sustainable. It nuh mek sense fi get up and mek big speech and then nine days later, it is back to business as usual.

Children are using the road network more now that school is open. Please watch out fi dem and protect them. They need guidance and love. Mi kindly a ask the public passenger vehicle dem to be mindful of the lewd and disgusting music weh dem play.

If a driver or conductor doesn’t have any respect for themself, please cultivate some for the passengers you carry. And passengers have a duty to speak up and speak out about anything that is detrimental to dem while travelling on the bus or in a taxi. Don’t watch the people dem, even the children who want the dutty music to play and even boost up the driver to play it.

Stand up for what is right!

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