Donations pour in for Rosie Murray

February 13, 2018
Rosie Murray

The Rosie Murray Heart Operation campaign has raised more than US$18,000 (approximately J$2.2 million) since it was launched seven days ago. The campaign is looking to raise US$20,000 (approximately J$2.5 million).

The Actor Boy-nominated actress suffered a major heart attack last December while attending a close friend's birthday party, necessitating heart surgery, an angioplasty.

Since the GoFundMe account was established, some 265 persons have donated. Among the donors is Wavell Hinds who gave $895.

"Our life hasn't been the same as of that night as we fought to keep her alive and are now doing every means possible to help her recovery, to get back to a regular functioning life," her son, Phillip Lopez, said in the GoFundMe post. 

Persons who are unable to contribute to GoFundMe are encouraged to make donations to Murray's savings account number, 407350, at Scotiabank, Christiana branch.



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