Chaka Demus bats for peace

February 16, 2018
Chaka Demus

Iconic recording artiste Chaka Demus has released a song, titled 'Love Is The Answer', which he says is a response to the rising crime and violence on the island.

According to the platinum-selling artiste, music is a strong source of communication, and he hopes his latest single will help to save lives with its positive message.

"We are experiencing one of the most trying times where crime is concerned, and so I decided that it's best to use my talent to make a positive impression on the youth," he said.

"Every day a next person dead violently, and I, like many other Jamaicans, feel frustrated. If this song can save at least one life and mek a youth know that he must leave badness alone, that means a lot."

The artiste also used the opportunity to advise parents to take responsibility for how they raise their children, pointing out that if children are raised properly, it could help to put an end to crime.

"We love to blame the police and the Government by saying they are not working hard enough. But it all starts from the home," he explained. "If nuff a dem youth ya raise the right way, their lives would turn out different. Parents have to be more involved inna the youth dem life and steer them out of trouble," he said.

Chaka Demus recently signed a lucrative album deal with UK-based record label Phoenix Records, and he is looking forward to releasing his first album under the label. The project, which he said will be called Success, is expected to be released by April. Included in the track listings are Success, Love Is The Answer, and a collaboration with Pliers, Half Pint, and Dignitary Stylish called Money Man Skank.

Chaka Demus' last successful album, Murder She Wrote, was certified platinum in the UK.

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