Lanz scheduled for shows in Canada

February 16, 2018

Dancehall artiste Lanz will be embarking on his first overseas tour with a pair of shows in Canada this weekend.

The first show, dubbed 'She Nah Leggo: Girls Roll Out Edition', will be held at the Classic Lounge in North York, Ontario, today. Then 'Infatuation: Valentine's Edition' at the V Lounge in Lasalle, Ontario, will be held tomorrow.

"I am really looking forward to performing for my fans in Canada. There is a lot of buzz around the shows based on the feedback on my social media pages, so the shows are really going to be lit," Lanz said.

Lanz had his big breakthrough last year with She Nah Leggo, a song produced by himself and Andrew Reid.

It was released on the Unisyz Muzik/Ubique Muzyq label. The song dominated the local party scene and FM radio, and its video has hit the 1.3-million mark on YouTube.

"The song is still doing well overseas; we are getting feedback from selectors all over the world - Canada, the US, Africa, and Europe. The song just connect with people on a different level," Lanz said.

The deejay recently inked a recording and management contract with Lifestyle Entertainment.

"Lanz is an artiste for the future. There is a lot of interest in him in Canada, the US, and England. Right now, we are pushing through with the promotion of his follow-up song Boom, and we're trying to align his song with corporate partners," a representative of Lifestyle Entertainment said in a release.

Boom was released three weeks ago on the Unisyz Muzik/Ubique Muzyq label and has already racked up thousands of views on YouTube.

Lanz, whose given name is Orlando Francis, was born and raised in Mandeville, Manchester.

He came to Kingston to pursue music several years ago. He got his first taste of success in the music business in 2012 when he produced Potential Kid's hit single, A Yah So Nice.

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