Beyonce uses Jamaican classic to announce tour with Jay Z

March 14, 2018

Jay Z and Beyonce announced dates for their second On the Run stadium tour on Monday and used a song by a Jamaican to break the news to the world.

In a video uploaded to Beyonce's official Instagram page, she declared that she's still in love with her husband, and revealed the two would be touring the world together yet again by using a version of I'm Still In Love sung by Jamaican reggae singer Marcia Aitken.

Aitken is best known for her recordings in the late 1970s, produced by Joe Gibbs along with Errol Thompson. She concentrated on lover's rock and recorded a popular version of the Alton Ellis song I'm Still in Love With You in 1977. The track was a number one hit in Jamaica and was highly successful on the UK and US reggae charts.

BeyoncÈ's video using Aitken's song was reposted and shared by thousands on social media. BeyoncÈ's post alone exposed the song to 112 million followers.

Kicking off Wednesday, June 6 in Cardiff, UK, the international outing will stop in 15 cities across the UK and Europe, with the 21-date North American leg beginning July 25 in Cleveland.

Beyonce and Jay Z last toured together in 2014 for the first On the Run tour.

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