STAR of the Month: Let's work together - Konshens speaks to key industry players

March 14, 2018

STAR of the month Konshens believes that if key players in the industry could learn to work together, the local music industry would be far more advanced than it is today.

Konshens pointed out that while there are individuals within the entertainment space who are flourishing, the industry itself is suffering.

"It's like a 'want-all' vibe in the industry. You find that something as simple as producer-artiste relationship is something that's very backward in Jamaica," he said. "One time producers did have dem big studio and have artiste line up outta door and artistes was like boy to producers ... den it became a space where artiste a di man and producer turn bwoy, and now is like it flip round back again."

He said that throughout each era, it has always been a want-all vibe and nobody is sharing.

"Das why some artiste from yesteryear, that were big artistes then, bruk now and the producers that were working with them all right inna dem life. And on the flip side yuh have big artistes weh buss and the producers dem weh work wid dem bruk," he said. "It's always a battle between different people on the industry ... if everybody could just split the money and whatever yuh put in a dat yuh get out, we would have a much healthier industry."

With that said, Konshens revealed that he stays healthy in the business because he has never sought to be 'the man' in dancehall.

He said that has kept him grounded and has allowed him to see the bigger picture and remain selfless on things concerning the industry on a whole.

"As soon as artistes wake up outta da sleep deh (of wanting to be the man in dancehall) the music will grow. It's the only thing holding us back as a genre," he said.

Konshens encouraged fans to support artistes and the projects they put out. The artiste, who just released his album It Feel Good, said the growth of any industry is dependent on people's support, and wants fans to keep that in the back of their minds.

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