'Roadies' deserve more respect - Feel Good Boss

March 19, 2018
Feel Good Boss

Street promotion has always played an important role in the careers of dancehall and reggae artistes.

One of the best street marketers, or 'roadies', in recent times is Ricardo 'Feel Good Boss' James.

He does much street work for artistes like Vershon, Kalado, Ce'Cile, and Shane O.

"My job is to get songs played at the different streets dances all over the Corporate Area. I sleep in the day and roll out every night almost everyday, from Bounty Sundays straight through till Saturday, week in, week out," he said.

For a street campaign to be a success, roadies ensure that airplay is running smoothly, CDs are being distributed, and social media is active.

"I feel roadies deserve more acknowledgement for the role they play because of the work they do at nights, but roadies need to use social media in a creative way to do more. You need to always develop a marketing angle as a roadie," he said.

He is credited with the re-emergence of Shane O as a major force in dancehall, something the artiste has attested to, with the hit singles Last Days, A Mill and Pardna Draw.

Feel Good Boss is using the success with Shane O to leverage other opportunities in the music business, such as hosting events, including Feel Good Saturdaze, held in Cross Roads.

He also opened a promotional company and has signed two roadies to better serve his clientele.

"Plus, me and Shane O ah go sign another artiste, Judge, to our labels, S.O.R and Feel Good Boss Music," he said.

He is also dabbling in production with a rhythm called Feel Instruction on the Feel Good Boss music label, featuring Shane O, Judge, Psalms and I-Octane.

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