Second time's the charm - Young carnival bands have good Road March

April 09, 2018
A Xaymaca reveller smiles for the camera as the second-year band had a good showing at yesterday's Road March.

Carnival in Jamaica 2018 was always poised to be an unforgettable experience for revellers and with three big bands bringing the vibes to the street this year, mas delivered on all counts for participants.

The younger bands Xaymaca and Xodus, both in their second year on the road, got rave reviews from those playing mas.

Lake Sanu, a Xaymacan, travelled all the way from London to jump in Jamaica's carnival and described the experience as simply amazing. Sanu said she had zero regrets about taking the trip to Jamaica.

"This is my second time in Jamaica but my first time in carnival and my friends and I had an amazing time," she said. "Every thing from the costume to our time on the road was just awesome, and I have nothing bad to say about this experience. I definitely want to do this again."

Lisa from New Jersey told The STAR that this was her second time participating in carnival since 1998. Last year, she jumped with Bacchanal but made the switch to Xaymaca.




"It wasn't because I had a bad experience last year or anything. I just heard really good things about Xaymaca and decided to try them out," noting she had a good time. "Carnival in Jamaica needed this (referring to the expansion of bands). It's a really good look for the country and I hope the experience gets better as carnival continues to grow."

Nikey Howard from New York said she does carnival in Trinidad and Tobago every year, and made a vow last year to try the different carnivals across the region.

Last year, she attended Crop Over and this year she decided on Jamaica. She said she was not surprised by how much fun she had.

"I have a friend in New York who has a band in carnival called Crave and they have a section in Xaymaca. I've been to a couple of their events leading up to the parade and I was pleased, so I expected a good time today. I'm not disappointed," she said.

Feters in fellow carnival fledgling band Xodus also gave the thumbs up for Road March 2018.

Shaquanna Goolgar, who was marching for the second time in Jamaica, described it as a nice experience.

"I enjoyed the march, it was full of excitement. The music was good, they could have had some more dancehall," she chuckled.

Jason Walker, a two-time Xodus member, thought the mix of soca and little dancehall was just right. His only complaint was the food.

The lunch could have been a little bit better. They ran out of food at certain areas where we were booked to go through ... but overall it was good. Not complaining," he said.

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