Real V.I. 'celebrates' achievements with new track

May 17, 2018
Real V.I

Recording artiste Real V.I. has decided that despite the restrictions that come with being an entertainer in a wheelchair, music is what he wants to pursue.

Though his situation has made the journey towards a successful music career all the more difficult, the artiste is giving thanks for all he has been able to achieve thus far.

The entertainer talked about his new single, Celebrate, in which he talks about all the obstacles he has had to overcome to get to this point in his career.

"The first verse of the song says, 'As I take a look back at where I'm coming from, whole heap a hungry nights. Mama say me born as a star so my time fi shine ... . Whole heap a studio me go, anuh likkle try me try, me never stop till dem gimme a bly'," he said. "The level of success that I've got so far is something to celebrate. My music is playing on the radio. Of course, I still have a far way to go, but I'm giving thanks for the support and celebrating my blessings so far."




The entertainer has always eyed a career in music, and even though a shooting incident in 2003 left him needing a wheelchair, he is not giving up on his music.

"I consider myself a star. I know I have talent, so my situation isn't going to stop me. I will continue putting in the work, and as long as I do that, success will come," he said.

V.I. said that the industry still has a far way to go as it relates to being open to persons with disabilities but admitted that improvements are being made.

"People, in thinking about booking me, dem ask, 'How him a go reach up pan the stage?' and dem things deh, and some of the studios aren't favourable to persons like me because they aren't wheelchair-accessible, but I've learnt to work with it, and some people make adjustments for me because they see the drive and the passion," he explained. "Things aren't where I'd like them to be at this moment, but it's a little better. I'm getting some more bookings, and I can't complain about where I'm at right now."

V.I. is also promoting the singles Successful and Darkness to Light.

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