You're not in my league - Spice slams reality show cast member

July 11, 2018

Spice and fellow 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' cast member Tommie released the music video for their song, 'Imma Get It' late last week and it seemed the two had finally put their differences aside.

However, on the reunion episode of the show, which aired on Monday, tempers flared again as Tommie took jabs at Spice's craft, dubbing her music videos 'horrible'.

Spice has always received two thumbs up on her music videos. Over the years, her visuals have been touted as the cleanest, most creative music videos to come out of the island.

Spice's videos have been among the most viewed music videos from any artiste out of Jamaica (male or female), and, to date, her videos collectively have far surpassed the 100 million views mark on YouTube.

Unsurprisingly, the 'Queen of Dancehall' took offence to Tommie's statement.

In a heated exchange, Spice blasts Tommie for attempting to discredit her work, pointing out that the up-and-coming hip-hop act was in no position to even critique her work as they were not on the same level musically.

"Every last video I've seen from you is horrible honey, every last one of them," Tommie said to Spice.

But Spice clapped back saying, "Oh really? But you don't have none. My highest video got over 77 million views. Type So Me Like It ... Google it. You nah go sit there and discredit my work status ... wah the f**k yuh think?"

The two exchanged insults after which both looked as if they were headed for a physical confrontation.

collaborative effort

The clip circulating on social media ends as they both rose from their seats seemingly headed for each other.

The STAR tried to get in touch with Spice for a comment but was unable to reach the entertainer who is currently travelling.

The entertainer did, however, address the matter on social media with a post to her official Instagram page.

Spice said that she was celebrating getting to 79 million views on YouTube on a single song.

The entertainer posted a snippet of So Me Like It, saying that it was the first video from a female artiste in Jamaica to hit that mark.

She also pointed out that her collaborative effort with Vybz Kartel, Conjugal Visit, received more than 50 million views.

She sarcastically highlighted that she was still creating history with her 'horrible videos'. Checks to the Imma Get It video on YouTube show that the song has received close to 770,000 views since its release.

Spice's supporters were not as nice as they reacted to Tommie. More than half of the comments under the video lashed out at Tommie, saying Spice has brought her the most attention in her career.

"Tommie you have this many views because of Spice! How dare you say all of Spice videos have been horrible? She is a queen in a whole country," one user commented.

"Honestly, the only reason this song is lit is because of Spice," another posted.

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