Jah Wiz is aiming for the top


July 12, 2018
Contributed Jah Wiz

Kingston native and seasoned performer, Karrell 'Jah Wiz' Wisdom, got his start in the music industry around 1997, when he was the lead singer of a gospel group called Word.

The artiste has since departed from that phase of his journey but is still answering his calling.

"Everyone in life has his or her own quest," Jah Wiz said. "My quest has led me away from the church into reggae and pop. But this doesn't mean my music will be any less positive than what gospel is trying to bring to the table."

Jah Wiz is undoubtedly a formidable contestant in the Festival Song Competition with his entry Hands On Your Heart and is adamant about keeping things positive through his music.

Though he had rough upbringing, Jah Wiz still went on to do well in academics, all the while never letting go of his love for music, even attending the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, where he continued working on his music.

He credits Gladstone Wright, the writer and co-producer (alongside Mikey Bennett) of his song, for motivating him to enter the competition.

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