Rojjah wants to be musical great


July 12, 2018
Contributed Rojjah

Roger 'Rojjah' Mendez, like many contestants, has entered the JCDC Festival Song Competition in the hopes of leaving his mark on Jamaican culture.

The singer hails from Cross Roads in Kingston and has had an intimate and ever-evolving relationship with music since his teenage years.

Rojjah hopes to win the opportunity to expand his platform and one day be mentioned among the musical greats like Michael Jackson and Bob Marley.

"Honestly, I love and respect any individual who has impacted this world and has especially boosted Brand Jamaica," he said, listing Ranny Williams, Louise Bennett-Coverley, and Usain Bolt among these influencers.

A capable vocalist and performer, his drive for singing came later than his proclivity for instruments, namely the trombone.

While Rojjah is confident in his chances to win the Festival Song Competition with his entry I Love Jamaica, he has no intention of slowing down should the tables not turn in his favour.

The artiste currently has material for three albums, each of which he will return to refining when the competition ends.

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