Bounty celebrates 25 years at Sumfest

July 21, 2018

Bounty Killer on Friday night set the record for having made the most Sumfest appearances as an artiste. Killer, who performed in an unusually early slot, was making an appearance at the 'greatest Reggae show on earth' for the 25th year.

Sumfest is celebrating 26 years.

"Thank you, Jamaica. Long time dem fi mek me work Shirley (early), all di while dem push me outa door like me a security," he said.

Bounty Killer said performing early gave him the opportunity to connect with his fans.

During his performance, Bounty Killer brought Wayne Marshall on stage to perform a gospel rendition. Bounty Killer got spiritual proclaiming that "without God we are nothing" and invited his musical brother to "wash them in the blood of the lamb".

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