Seven-year-old Miguel 'Ravers' gets to perform with idol Ding Dong

July 21, 2018
Safaree(left) gives US$500 to Miguel Stobbs Jr (centre) at the request of Ding Dong at Reggae Sumfest on Saturday morning.

Miguel Stobbs Jr is a big Ding Dong fan. The seven-year-old boy who resides in Florida, is only in Jamaica for the weekend. He insisted on being at Reggae Sumfest as he wanted to get a chance to see his favourite artiste in action.

The young lad got his wish. His father, Miguel Sr, took him to the Catherine Hall venue,  and by a stroke of luck, Miguel Jr was invited to the Sumfest stage on Saturday morning to dance alongside his icon, Ding Dong.

He lit up the stage as he followed along to dance moves from this Ravers Crew to a tee. 

Ding Dong was so impressed with the boy that he took some money out of his pocket and handed it him as a treat. 

"He's a big fan. He loves dancing and he loves Ding Dong dances. He said he wanted to come here and seeing that he's leaving on Monday to go back to Florida, I had to take him," Miguel Sr told The STAR.

At the end of the night, Miguel Jr walked off the stage with nearly $80,000 in cash (US$500 plus J$12,000), and Ravers added to his name. It all began when Ding Dong, after pulling local currency from his pocket, which he gave Miguel Jr, directed Safaree to give him US$100. Safaree gave the boy US$500, and even more money came his way, seemingly from the audience.

"I had no idea Ding Dong was going to do that [give his son money] but I'm really very happy. It's going to help with his back-to-school and I'm really just very thankful."

Speaking with The STAR following his set, Ding Dong said he prides himself on treating his fans as they are the ones who make his music what it is today. 

"This is just a natural thing for me because these kids help to make what my brand is. My songs get far because of the vibe these kids create for it. I can't do for everybody but a little youth like this will get a run at my shows because me a try say thanks anyway me can," he said.

"Right now him back-to-school look good, Christmas look good, him look good and is just a blessing for me to do these things," Ding Dong added.


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