Deizzle blazes with 'Wheelchair'

August 10, 2018

Dancehall artiste Deizzle is currently blazing the airwaves with his new track, 'Wheelchair'.

Both creative and hard-core, the artiste uses witty lyrics to convey the message, which speaks about a couple engaged in a bedroom confrontation.

"This is the type of song that contains drama but also puts you in that dancing mood once you hit the play button," the artiste told THE WEEKEND STAR.




A Lee Milla production, the track was released in June 2018, and has been receiving great feedback. According to Deizzle, the song is doing well on social media and on the radio.

"I have been receiving tremendous support from my fans, and I am just happy for the love," he said.

Always a lover of the arts, the artiste originally had an interest in pursuing a career as a dancer. However, he started writing songs when he was 15 years old.

With his growing popularity from entering talent competitions and engaging in lyrical clashes, the artiste sought several production companies such as Move Up Records and Banz Productions, where he recorded his very first song, aptly titled Mi Ready.

"My style of music can be described as extraordinary, because my aim is to keep my own sound," said Deizzle, who has other songs like Walk Up, From Back, Deadly Awake, Proud and Thumbs Up.

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