Star On The Rise: Young entertainers give credit to Fendz

October 11, 2018

Young entertainer Bumpa met Raheim 'Fendz' Fender before she started Cedric Titus High School.

She was a young performer who participated in a number of theatrical activities but she did not dream of becoming an artiste.

That changed when she linked up with the performing arts teacher.

"He picked me out and said I have the talent and I should make use of it. He was always a positive person. Why wouldn't I gravitate towards that? He showed me stuff I didn't think I could do," the young entertainer told THE STAR.

Under Fendz's tutelage, Bumpa participated in multiple JCDC performing arts competitions, earning gold, silver and bronze medals.

Fellow entertainer and former Fendz pupil, Upgrade, shared similar sentiments. Last year, he entered the JCDC competition and came away with a national trophy. It was the first of its kind for Cedric Titus.

"It was the best year of my life. It was a duo performed by me and a friend at the time. It was very good. And our mentor at the time, or at all times, was Fendz. That's why I'd rather do this (forming the trio #R@W) with him, and nobody else," he said.

Though they claim to have enough material down to release a full-length album, #R@W is building momentum and waiting on the right moment. They are currently getting ready to release their next single and music video called Body Good.

Both younger members hail Fendz as the reason they are confidently and adamantly pursuing their music goals.

As a teacher, Bumpa describes Fendz as very determined.

"He's very scheduled, and knows the different times, business time, time to perform, and a time to feel comfortable. Otherwise when it's work time, there's no form of joking there," she said.


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