Artiste worries for son's safety

November 19, 2018

A female entertainer is worried that persons may harm her son after a video was posted on the Internet linking him to homosexuality.

The artiste, whose name is being withheld, said that her boy has been targeted online and is being forced to stay indoors out of fear that he could be harmed.

"Mi mostly make him stay in. Him deh a him yaad; mi nuh make him go school or nothing like dat, so nobody nuh get fi do him nothing," she told THE STAR.

The entertainer said that her son surmises that the attack video is linked to a disagreement between her son and a few of his colleagues.

"Dem put it up as a joke thing, or maybe dem do it to tarnish him name, I don't know, but him and dem been in a beef from couple a months ago. So dem do a video and put him in it wid some other gay guys, and dat go up, people a style him as gay, and dem a threaten him and dem thing deh. Me a pick up fi my son, and me wah fi make people know say him is not no damn gay," the mother said.

The entertainer said that she has filed a report with the police and the matter is under investigation.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Under The Gleaner Company's Editorial Code Of Ethics And Professionalism, names of victims or witnesses and their addresses may be withheld if there is a legitimate concern for their safety. We do not name victims of sexual crimes unless they request it.

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