Bascom X returns with She Knows


November 19, 2018
Bascom X

Bascom X is back on the scene with a new single after taking a hiatus from recording music. The track, She Knows, is produced by Yard Style Entertainment.

"It's an awesome project, and I've been getting a good vibe from it even though it's been a while since mi record any new songs," Bascom X told THE STAR.

The singer said that while he has been on and off the scene over the years, his absence was not in vain. He said he used the time for personal development.

"You see, when you're doing music, if your mind don't free, it's not going to work," he said. "If your mind don't free, you a go do nonsense, and mi nuh do nonsense. When mi put out a song it haffi mek sense so me rather do music when mi mind free. Now I'm fully settled and more mature and mi understand myself. The message is still there, the melody is still there, and it's even better than how it was before," he said.

Bascom X rose to prominence in 2004 with the song, Lonely Girl. His other singles include Just Once, Pressure Dem and I'm Gonna Love You.

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