Jah Vinci excited about free Lucea concert this weekend

November 19, 2018
Jah Vinci
Wayne Marshall

Dancehall artiste Jah Vinci says his fans can look forward to a compelling performance when he touches the stage at this month’s edition of Magnum STAR Live in Lucea, Hanover.

The Never Give Up singer says with his catalogue being as vast as it is, fans can expect to see him balance his set with a good mix of some of his older tracks as well as some new material.

Jah Vinci is slated to perform at the free concert alongside Gage, Gyptian, Shuga and Wayne Marshall. The event, which is sponsored by Magnum and Konka, will be held as a birthday celebration for The STAR, which is celebrating 67 years of existence.

“It has been a while since me perform that side so me definitely a guh bring everything to dat performance. New songs, old songs, it will just be a good vibes,” Jah Vinci said.

“I’m the soulful one and people expect me to sing the songs that encourage them and keep them motivated, and I will be doing just that. I have a good song working for me right. It’s called Celebration and it’s doing well.”

Heaping praises on the conceptualises for the Magnum STAR Live series, Jah Vinci said that with Kingston often being the hub of entertainment in the country, he is happy that rural areas are getting the chance to have host live shows. He said that artistes have a lot of fans in some of these areas and do not get nearly enough chances to interact with them and show their appreciation for the support they have received.

“The fact that we, as entertainers, a get a chance to perform for people out there weh nuh really see we as much, means a lot. It’s good to go out of our comfort zones sometimes and see wah di people dem a feel in different areas,” he said.

“It’s a free concert and so the whole giving back vibe is definitely a plus and the fans in these areas definitely deserve this,” he added.

In addition to giving fans in rural areas the chance to see some of their favourite artistes perform, Jah Vinci said the series can be a plus for artistes as well. He said that feedback from persons in these areas can give artistes a fresh perspective into the kinds of songs their audience wants to hear.

“It’s not only about the fans getting to see us perform but we get to find out weh di people dem mind deh in terms of songs weh dem like, and songs weh dem think nuh so hot,” he said. “It can be very good for us as artistes to because we meet different people and hear different views, and we can go back and make adjustments where necessary.”

“Sometimes we go inna these areas and we even find some talent, so it’s a good look all around. I’m looking forward to meeting some of these talented people myself,” he said.


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