Cham focuses on creating timeless music

December 20, 2018

Always an entertainer who preaches quality over quantity, dancehall artiste Cham says he has been focusing on creating timeless music to feed to his fan base in the coming year.

Baby Cham officially released the Lawless album earlier in May and has since been touring to promote it.

"The main thing is for me to keep feeding the fan base that's been supporting me with good timeless music, and continue to win new fans by breaking into new markets," Cham said.

Touring has taken precedence over travelling for leisure. He said: "It makes it really hard to be here in Jamaica every week or month."

He continued: "We have to be out in the world pushing the music and promoting our culture all at the same time; but it is my plan to be here more doing promo for the upcoming album."

He, along with record producer Dave Kelly, is presently completing a new project for the summer of 2019. The first single that leaked off that project is M4ke Up S3x, which has an old-school dancehall flavour.

Meanwhile, the dancehall entertainer will be in Jamaica over the next couple of weeks and is billed to perform on the second night of the Portmore Music Fest on December 29.

"It brings me only joy whenever I get to perform in Jamaica. Sun City Radio has been trying to get me on the show, and it is the right time. They have been supporting my music, and I have always had a connection with their team. It will be something special at the Portmore Music Festival," he said.

The last time the Lawless entertainer performed in Jamaica was for Reggae Sumfest last July, and he said that it has been about 10 years since he did any performances in the Portmore/St Catherine area.

"I'm looking forward to that high energy Portmore is known for from day one; and as far as the artistes on the show, there are so many great personalities booked for the festival and I just want to absorb the whole experience," he said.

"All the fans that are always complaining that I need to do more appearances on the island should make sure to come out and catch a glimpse."

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