JahDon launches merchandise store

February 11, 2019

Reggae artiste JahDon is expanding his entrepreneurial endeavours through the launch of the Congo Bongo merchandise line.

The launch is in collaboration between him, Los Angeles-based fashion designer Mike Brun (creative director of WxW, The Brand) and Bacchus Entertainment Services Limited.

The line is inspired by JahDon's Congo Bongo EP and is part of a wider Congo Bongo brand, which, according to the artiste, reflects Jamaican culture and its creative expression through music and fashion.

"Congo Bongo is a lifestyle brand. By promoting the merchandise, it will bring more awareness to my mission and attract more fans to my music. Promotion is a key aspect of business, and I don't see myself as just an artiste. I am an entrepreneur with a vision, a voice and a positive brand. Congo Bongo is just the start," said JahDon.

Customers will get to choose from various colours and shirt styles (sleeveless, crew neck or v-neck) bearing the vibrant Congo Bongo trademark.

Popular song

The single Congo Bongo is also the artiste's most popular one to date. He expressed confidence that the line would "take off" because of that.

"The song is a very popular song amongst kids, adults and the elderly. By creating the line, it will give fans the opportunity to be involved and connect with me," he said.

JahDon noted that every art comes with a business aspect, and the business side has changed.

"Modern artistes have the power of social media and the Internet to push past barriers. The more creative you are, the more you stand out in the industry," he said.

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