Antiguan sound impresses in Guyana

February 15, 2019

Antiguan sound system Kanabis made a good impression at the Armageddon Sound Clash in Guyana recently.

The team competed against five other sounds, Afrikan Vybz, Notorious International, Slingerz Family, Exodus Nuclear, and, Trinity Sound.

Eusi Davis, CEO of Empire Media Inc, event organisers, said he was looking to make it more of a regional clash. “I have always seen Kanabis on social media, and they are very active on the clash scene. I figured that they would make a great addition to the event, and they were indeed a great addition and made a very good impact,” he said.

Deon ‘Stingaz’ Dunning, MC with Kanabis sound, was quite upbeat about the sound’s accomplishment by just being in Guyana, even though they placed third.

“It was our first time in Guyana, and the vibes was really great. Even though we are not from there, we got a lot of support and the people welcomed us. We also got great responses at parties that we played at before the clash,” he explained.

He said that despite not winning, the sound gained more fans from Guyana.

“A lot of people were able to see us in action and connect with us. It was great being on a platform like that, showing our talent and delivering. At the same time, I felt like we won, but giving our best to the fans was what really mattered most to us,” he said.

Since the sound came on the scene in 2000, Kanabis has won 15 sound clashes regionally.

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