Revellers hit the road in heels

April 28, 2019
Alia Legaux (left) and Carla Bates, in stilettos as they hit the road with Xaymaca International. GLADSTONE TAYLOR PHOTO

Imagine revellers in stilettos, chipping down the road and wining to soca and dancehall music. New Orleans queens, Alia Legeaux and Carla Bates are doing just that.

It is anybody's guess how long they will keep on those shoes, but the Xaymaca International masquaraders started today's Road March rocking heels on the asphalted roadway.

Legeaux, a fifth-time visitor to Jamaica, brought her sister, Carla, with her to the island to jump carnival.

They told THE STAR that they were determined to make a fashion statement, and that it was always on their bucket list to not only do carnival in Jamaica but to do so in style.

Also in heels was Jin Forde, a Barbados native who designed Xodus Carnival’s Asella section. Proud of her work, she came out on the road, featherless, but bold.

Though she wasn’t really moving very much with the crowd - opting to stand prettily for sake of her determined stiletto boots, Jin did not hesitate to pose at the camera’s click.

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