Devin Di Dakta’s brand going ‘full stream’ ahead

July 12, 2019

Following a Grammy Award nomination in 2017, Devin Di Dakta hit the Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart after being featured on ' Oh Devil', a musical hybrid with Los Angeles-based band Electric Guest.

The song debuted at the number 47 spot on the chart, and two years later, it continues to attract listeners on streaming platforms like Spotify, where it has recently hit 37 million streams.

It is a huge milestone for the Jamaican singer and songwriter, being one of few dancehall artistes to garner that number of streams for one song.

"That means the name Devin Di Dakta has been exposed to over 30 million or more persons worldwide," Devin Di Dakta said.

The video for the single is also riding high, with 1.4 million views on YouTube.

He continued: "The song is an alternative song with a dancehall hook. I think the type of audience that the song is exposed to made it so successful - made up of persons who listen to alternative, rock and pop - and the continuous listenership through Spotify playlists has contributed to making the song so popular even two years after its release."

According to Spotify's artiste statistics, Devin's largest number of listeners on a monthly basis are in Amsterdam, Netherlands and San Jose, Costa Rica.

How does this success translate into an increase in his fan base?

He explained, "Exposure to a whole new audience through a different genre got me excited as an artiste, because the total number of streams automatically means that I have expanded my audience beyond what my expectations were, although gaining new fans isn't always the aim for me as a musician."

He notes that more Spotify users have visited his page since the song's release, but when THE WEEKEND STAR asked how the streams were reflecting in terms of dollars and cents, the artiste did not answer.

A huge admirer of the dance, pop, rock and hip-hop genres, the artiste said that he has not been focused on bookings, whether in Jamaica or overseas; instead, he has dedicated time to researching the world's popular genres and spending more time in the studio creating new music.

He said, "I'm in the creative space right now, so I'm not doing or taking on any major performances at the moment. I just want to do music that I love and hope to be able to touch people all around the world with my sound."

Going forward, the collaboration and streaming success will be used to his advantage, so that he can tap into the alternative-pop and hybrid music market again.

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