Dalton speaks his truth

July 21, 2019

In a song that he said was penned two days ago, Dalton Harris addressed some issues many people may not have expected him to touch during his debut Sumfest appearance. But being his unapologetic, straight-talking self, the 2018 X Factor winner spoke his truth and earned huge forwards inside the Catherine Hall, St James venue on Saturday night.

"Some things go down the other day and me approach it with modesty and humility and when yuh humble people take it fi weakness, but it's all good," he said before going into the first verse of the track.

"Dem wah me dead and dem seh mi diss me mother, me tell di truth bout me abuse and di poverty weh me conquer. Some people weh a talk nuh like dem mother and dem father," he deejayed.

Dalton and his mother, Sylvia Campbell, have not seen eye-to-eye since he opened up about abuse he endured as a child. He also addressed a controversial photo of him sitting on a man's lap during the X Factor competition.

"Me nah hate nuh body and me nah beg nuh pity, but di same judgemental people a di same ole inequity. Sumfest, a me fuss 'Why' miself over the likkle picture, but me shoulda know better because me know Jamaica culture. Me nuh lean or me nuh wobble, everything copacetic, nah sell me soul or sexuality fi nuh million dollar cheque," he continued.

In a post performance interview, Dalton said that although he has been vocal about the issues on social media in the past, he decided to put pen to paper to show that he will always speak his truth, even when people don't expect him to do so.

"My biggest issue with this whole foolishness is that people expect me not to speak about something that is mine. But if yuh think you can vex bout how me live mi life, or how me treat me mother, den me have a right to talk about it also, because me never do myself injustice," he said.

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