Bridgez gets industry-savvy

August 16, 2019

The music industry has evolved greatly with quite a few major labels dominating the international market. However, you can still find a few independent labels flourishing.

Artiste managers are becoming few, forcing artistes to become more industry-savvy.

Former Alliance member Bridgez is one such artiste who has been without a manager for years but is adamant that this will not hinder her success.

Bridgez, who started her music career at age 16, has worked with several major producers without the help of management.

She said, "It has not been easy to manage my own musical affairs, but over the years I have worked assiduously to maintain relevance in this industry and to excel to this point through building solid relationships". The On Fire artiste has created an alter ego called 'Baretta' that she uses to rap and deejay, showing her versatility.

With two new music videos released, Bridgez has utilised several cost-effective promotional strategies.

She added "From creating an alter ego to utilising online campaigns, I have learned how to work with what I have. I have seen other acts make it without management, so at the end of the day, I am looking towards learning as I go along".

Bridgez is presently promoting Faded, produced by Future Roots Records, and Another Day, produced by Ireland Records.

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