Cocoa Tea says ‘bax dem up’ to corrupt politicians

August 16, 2019

Reggae singer Cocoa Tea is generating much attention for a hard-hitting track called ' Bax Dem Up', which advocates a tough stance towards government corruption.

The lyrics begin with a Marcus Garvey-inspired invocation of ' up up ye might race" and the introduction, " full time politician get some slap inna dem face/poor people money dem no stop from waste."

He also advocated stiff prison sentences for public officials convicted of corruption, suggesting " tie dem up, bring dem outta street and mek we bax dem up".

"I am not advocating violence against the politicians even though they have been advocating violence against us because they are stealing the legacy of our kids, robbing the quality of our lives, from Venezuela, Colombia, Africa. The corruption is everywhere, and that is why the song is so popular, everyone can relate to it," Cocoa Tea said.

The song will be released on the Roaring Lion label on August 28.

He said that in Jamaica, the misappropriation of public funds is "widespread", while the people are living in desperate poverty.

"So this is a call for the poor people to stop hug up corrupt politicians, up up ye mighty race, stand and take your rightful place, too much poor people tax a waste. They should serve prison time for their deeds," he said

Cocoa Tea pointed to corruption scandals in other countries like Brazil, where many important political figures, including former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, lost their freedom because of acts of corruption.

Operation Car Wash was an investigation carried out by the federal police in 2014, and greatly impacted Brazilian politics. dola da Silva began serving a 12-year prison sentence in 2018 for numerous corruption charges.

"It is a worldwide problem. It is happening in Africa, moving money to foreign accounts while the poor suffer; the whole world mix up inna wrongs," he said.

Cocoa Tea said the single will be included on his upcoming album, which will include collaborations with veteran deejay Louie Culture and Randy Valentine.

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